BID campaign in Halesowen moves another step

BID campaign takes a step forwardA campaign to transform Halesowen into a Business Improvement District (BID) has taken another step forward.

All retailers and other town centre businesses are being surveyed to establish who the decision-makers are who will be consulted over the plans.

BID manager Barry Wheeler said it was “obviously important” to address the consultation at those who make the decisions, whether the business is a sole trader or part of a national chain.

There will then follow a series of consultative surveys, face-to-face meetings and a public meeting for traders in mid-March, at which it is hoped a retailer from a BID area will talk about their experiences.

As a BID, businesses would pay an extra one to two percent on their rates, which would raise up to £130,000 a year to be used to enhance and promote the town.

The campaign is being spearheaded by Halesowen Chamber of Trade and has secured the backing of Dudley Council, which is assisting with the he current data collection and awarded £15,000 towards the cost of running the campaign and the traders’ vote, which is scheduled for July.

BID cash would not replace council spending, but provide extras to make the town more attractive with projects influenced by the businesses themselves aimed at increasing the number of shoppers and visitors.

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