Black Country Festival

Ya cor beat comin to Hales owin of an ot sunny day. The towun was full a fowk loffin n actin saft. We ay ad a day like this in donkeys.

Fowk were gawking at the wrestlers get all ot and sweaty n acting like a load of lummocks.

Peeps were podging the way to the front to see the Fizzogs do saft stuff and Billy Dakin was meckin us lof all day long.

We ad singers and dancers, and them nice lads from Bhangra Mashup too.

The little uns cud gew on the bus with all play malarkey on and it was all free. Yow day even have to pay a bob. There wor a cloud over Bill’s mother’s to spoil the day!! And I bay gunna moan it were too ot!!

Halesowen BID opened the Black Country festival on Saturday 29th June with their event ‘A tribute to Tommy Mundon’. The festival that runs for
the whole month kick started in Halesowen Town Centre, which hadn’t been involved in the Black Country Festival before.

With over 30,000 people attending Halesowen town centre over the course of the day, the event was a great success. We were visited by the Mayor of Dudley David Stanley and Consort Cllr Anne Millward. They joined in with a performance from Halas homes too.

Halesowen BID and Black Country radio have worked hard to deliver this event and provide entertainment for all the family. Local businesses got involved and decorated their shops with the black country bunting that was also lining the streets of Halesowen Town Centre.