Bloomin’ Marvellous!

At the beginning of June, we welcomed judges from around the world to come and see what Halesowen had to offer the international competition “Communities in Bloom”.

Halesowen hosted judges from Canada and USA and they spent two days in
Halesowen with a full itinerary of judging from St John’s Church, Town Centre, The Leasowes, Hawne basin and Halesowen Golf Club.

The event did exactly as it said, it showed our community in bloom. None of it would have been possible without the hard work and dedication from our community volunteers, our local businesses and hard-working local authority.

Everyone pulled out the stops and went above and beyond.

The endless hours that our street cleaners Julia and Stuart have spent removing each and every weed, crisp packet, empty bottle and cemented on chewing gum must be applauded.

The International competition covers the municipality element of Communities in bloom, and we are overwhelmed to have been invited to take part. July will see the return of Heart of England in Bloom and hopefully by then we will have baskets and troughs with more colour than the rainbow.

The water bowser is doing its rounds to make sure everything is watered efficiently.

Thank you to all those that are helping to water and maintain the plants over the coming months so that we can all enjoy the beauty, and how wonderful it makes our town look.