Halesowen Refill

Halesowen BID are delivering a new initiative over the spring/summer months that will keep the people of Halesowen hydrated and help prevent plastic pollution, therefore making us a ‘Greener Halesowen’!

  • Plastic bottles now make up a third of all plastic pollution in our sea.
  • 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, a figure that is expected to grow by 20% by 2021.
  • 15 million plastic bottles are landfilled, littered or incinerated each day.
  • The average person in the UK will use 150 plastic water bottles each year.

Now we are setting up REFILL stations across Halesowen, so that we can be part of the 15000 stations across the UK where you can fill up with free tap water. If 1 in 10 Brits refill just once a week we’d have 340 million fewer plastic bottles in circulation. Halesowen BID will be visiting businesses across the area to get you involved. Simple yet effective!! We can then PUT YOUR TAP ON THE APP which can be downloaded on all smartphones and devices to let people know the closest refill station and be issued with a sticker to display.

With Black Country Road Race and Fun Run, just around the corner, what a perfect opportunity for Halesowen
to get involved. We hope that the businesses on the Industrial and commercial areas will also get involved with this in order to offer free water to your employees and visitors.

Should you like to know more contact Vicky Rogers, Halesowen BID Manager info@halesowenbid.co.uk who is your local Refill Champion.