How To Style Victory Rolls

1 Prep And Curl Spray your entire head with a heat protectant and then use a curling wand or tong to loosely wave the hair. The waves will give the hair more “bend” and help with creating your victory rolls.

2 Divide Hair Next, divide the hair from ear to ear using the crown as a centre point. It may help to tie back the rest of your hair whilst you do this.

3 Create A Side Parting Taking the top section, create a side parting so that you have more hair on one side than the other. Take the bigger section and pin the hair approximately one inch parallel to the parting. This will help secure the hair and make it easier for you to create your hair roll.

4 Build Volume If you have naturally fine or flat hair, try backcombing the hair that will eventually form the roll, before lightly smoothing with a brush. This will give volume to the roll later on.

5 Start Rolling! Wrap the hair around your fingers or a long ended comb and roll inwards towards the parting. Secure with bobby pins by placing them inside the roll where they will be hidden.

6 Finish and set. Repeat steps 3-5 on the other side, pinning in place. Set the look in place with a spritz of hairspray to ensure your style lasts. You now have your perfect pin-up Victory rolls!