Responsible Retailer Scheme

West Midlands has the recorded the highest
number of knife crime offences outside London. West Midlands Police have now implemented lots of changes to their operational duties since this report. Over half of the force’s response cars now carry Knife wands, which have been funded by Assets Recovery Fund- money seized from criminals.

March 2019 was when West Midlands Police took to the streets with ‘Operation Sceptre. They have worked with the communities, local traders and schools to educate people and raise awareness about knife crime. Operations took place in Halesowen Bus Station to manage the flow of possible knife carriers into our town. Officers manned a Knife arch and engaged with members of the public.

A series of Social media posts were circulated each day of the operation, highlighting facts about the seriousness of carrying a bladed article.

Our new BID Manager Vicky Rogers, worked with
Insp Pugh, Sgt Brookes and the neighbourhood team to initiate a Responsible Retailer Scheme amongst
the businesses in Halesowen. Explaining to them the necessity of using ‘Challenge 25’ and looking to reduce the purchase of knifes and sharp objects by younger members of our society.

Traders across the town agreed to sign into the Responsible Retailer Scheme as a proactive way of tackling Knife crime.