High Street vs. Online Shopping

Let’s talk shopping! With our high street looking to re-open in April… What better time!!

Did you know UK consumers showed a preference for shopping on their high streets in 2019? A survey conducted with 24,072 people revealed that more than half of consumers in the UK still favoured their high streets over online shopping. We all love retail therapy especially from the comfort of our home, here are some popular reasons for choosing to shop at your local High Street. 

Getting items delivered to your door in a few days is now the new norm…but you still have to wait the next day for the item to arrive, sometimes there may be delays. Shopping on the High Street gives you immediate availability. As soon as you pay for the items, you can start enjoying them right away.   

When purchasing your items online you don’t know what the quality will be or if it will be the right size. Shopping in-store allows you to see the quality of the item you’re purchasing and try them on for fitting. If you’re unsure about an item you can get shop assistance, this isn’t offered when shopping online. Around 30% online purchases are returned, this can be complicated and time-consuming. 

The experience – shopping is all about the experience, many enjoy meeting friends for catch-ups whilst shopping and making a day out of it. On the High Street you’re able to get assistance in-store from experts. If you’re shopping for a special occasion you can get professional help, giving you an overall good customer experience. Being able to visit various shops also gives you more choice.

Save on shipping – Some online retailers offer free shipping, but this doesn’t include all companies. The additional shipping fees can add up to your total and has a negative environmental impact of packaging and gas. You’re unable to haggle, in-store you can haggle at a good price. 

Shopping local helps support the local economy, creates jobs and boosts local communities. Supporting our local High Street creates jobs in local communities. Together lets’ support local businesses.