Our Mission

Halesowen High Street

“Together we prosper”

A Business Improvement District (BID) provides the opportunity to unlock the latent economic potential that the town has to offer. With the introduction of a BID for Halesowen, there is over £600,000 available for investment in the town centre, over a five year period.

The revenue raised is invested in;

  • A Stronger Positive Image: To put Halesowen firmly on the map by developing a holistic approach to marketing the town by investing in high profile marketing projects to promote and encourage new businesses and key customer segments to attract more visitors. Telling the West Midlands and beyond that Halesowen is a great place to shop, do business and enjoy leisure – and above all a great place to locate your business.
  • A Brighter More Attractive Place: To tackle the local environment and enhance the general appearance of Halesowen by offering a clean, safe and modern town centre to be enjoyed morning, noon and night.
  • A Thriving Business Hub: To entice new businesses to choose Halesowen as their first choice business location by providing professional support in order to help them succeed, employ local people and to invest in our town.
  • A Visitor Magnet: To organise and host events that enable Halesowen to create a reputation of being a fun, vibrant and an atmospheric town centre.

Businesses within the BID area work with the BID team to decide and direct this flow of investment into whatever is deemed necessary, whether that be aesthetics of the area, crime prevention, ensuring sustainability of local events, marketing opportunities to drive footfall to the area and increase interest in Halesowen or support for local businesses.

We believe that the Halesowen BID is transforming our Halesowen; businesses now have a voice and a huge influence on the environment in which they trade and workers, students, visitors and those living in Halesowen have a better experience in the area.